The Passion of The Christ

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People who see the film, The Passion of the Christ, may be as awestruck by the price Jesus paid as many of those who saw the event.

We know that the soldiers were moved, because one of them saw in the way Jesus died that this was no ordinary crucified man. "Surely, this WAS the Son of God!" he said.

We know that many of the priests and Pharisees were moved, because within a few weeks "many" of these people, who had been bitter enemies of Jesus, turned to Him and believed in Him.

And the disciples, who believed on Jesus -- and yet were so weak of character that they fled when he needed them most -- were transformed by the crucifixion and the resurrection ... Transformed from hesitant disciples into fearless men of God, who endured every hardship to tell the world what they had seen and heard.

Perhaps the Mel Gibson movie will have a similar impact on many people in today's world. We applaud Mr. Gibson for attempting to show the world the unvarnished truth -- that Jesus died as an innocent man, as the representative of all men. He died for each of us, and he died for all of us together. We are thankful that millions, perhaps billions of people will see the film.

No doubt many will be amazed at what Jesus went through -- but still the question is: Why?

The short answers raise more questions than they settle:

Like a child counting the days till Christmas or Hanukkah, sometimes it seems like the fulfillment of these promises will never come. Here and there a life is changed. But world wide, in the lives of billions, God's grand promises have hardly begun to come true!

But we are excited. We see in the above words the incredible power of God -- the power to heal all people of disease. The power to resurrect all the dead who have ever lived. The power to solve every human problem, including the ones that are dead, buried and forgotten.

The more we study the Bible, the more power we see in the Blood of Christ. Every stain of human sin and misery will be removed, every wrong will be righted. And every soul that was damaged by Adam's fall will be delivered from the great prison of hereditary death.

Come with us, as we explore the exciting benefits that will surely come from The Passion of The Christ.