If you are Jewish,
your national resurrection
has already begun...

Our hats go off to you. God has brought you alive through the great storm of "Christian" domination and oppression. You have our earnest and heart-felt apologies for all the evil, violence, and arrogance that you have received at the hands of "Christian" men and nations.

We ourselves are Christians who find Jesus compelling -- but we fully understand why you may not find Jesus attractive. You were promised a conquering Messiah and you didn't find Jesus' teachings very convincing. G-d knows everything before it happens, and you were not cast away from G-d's plans. Your years of exile, your centuries of wandering and wondering, have produced a great and useful character in you that G-d loves, appreciates, and will use for the blessing of all the families of the earth.

People of all countries, in just a few more years, will be giving you praise and fame, wherever you have been put to shame. Zephaniah 3:19

Your nation, Israel, is the light of the world -- with the best judiciary, the best army, the best scientists, the best educators, the best doctors -- and the most amazingly humane intellectuals.

We want to encourage you with the fact that G-d is taking note of the arrogance of your enemies. Isaiah 47:5-10, Isaiah 51:22-23

Like Abraham, you continue to find that the land can only be purchased with the full price -- and you show your wisdom and your character by your willingness to pay that price.

We want to urge you not to trust Europe, or Roman Catholicism, or those who lie about your right to the land, or the United States, or even your own arms. If you think antisemitism is growing, you are right. If you are troubled by the dangers posed by Christian "supporters" who think you must convert to Christianity, or die in Armageddon, you should be!

G-d is NOT asking you to embrace mainstream Christianity -- G-d has condemned it as an institution. (Revelation 18) Aliyah is the clear message to you from G-d's prophets ... You are G-d's son, G-d's inheritance!

Though you may want to trust intellectualism, or western rationalism, or humanism, or even Christian fundamentalism.... these things will all disappoint you. You simply cannot trust a secular perspective which denies that G-d gave you the land; nor can you trust a religious perspective which says your G-d intends to cast into eternal hell the millions of Jews, past and present, who have not embraced Jesus as their messiah. You know better. You know a G-d of love, who is baffling at times but is fair and just and cares for the poor -- all the poor -- of the earth.

The rest of the world is slowly being gathered to a place where G-d's judgment will be clear to them. (Zephaniah 3:8 ff) All nations will find Jerusalem too hot to handle, and all your lovers, sadly, will forsake you. (Jeremiah 30:14) Only simple faith in the promises of G-d will see you through.

Events are thus pushing you to the full acceptance of the reality of G-d's abiding love, the truth of the Torah and Tanach, the verity of His gift to you of the eternal land of Israel, and His great plans for you as the future leaders of the earth.

It was Christendom that persecuted you throughout her age of power; (Isaiah 47:5-10 - Babylon of old prefigured Christendom and New Testament prophecies of Babylon refer to the "Christian" geopolitical entities - Revelation 17:9 and 18). It was Christendom that hunted you and almost killed you; it was Christendom that made you drink the dregs of the cup of wrath. Thankfully, your prophets are clear: Never again will you be asked to drink the dregs of hatred and pain -- but your enemies will. (Isaiah 51:17,22-23)

Never again will you suffer at the hands of the Christian world. Babylon is being destroyed again... and Israel's star is on the rise.

In just another generation, your children and parents, the victims of the Holocaust and the Pogroms and the Pale of Settlement and the Black Death and the Arab scimitars and the Roman crosses will begin to come back to life. Your children will stand again in The Land, along with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and David and Solomon, the greatest heroes the world has ever known -- and all of them will praise Hashem for His great and glorious name. You are the other Son of God, and your pathway to full fellowship lays, not through the blood-stained altars of misguided Churchianity, but through the sacred mountains of The Promised Land. Arise, look in every direction, and take firm possession of all of it! G-d is with you!

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