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Acts 3:21 states that Jesus would stay in heaven until a specific time: the era for "Restitution of all things". It further states that all God's holy prophets spoke of these times. The return of Christ or Messianic age is thus the Times of Restitution.

Restitution means a full restoration of things that are lost. It implies justice, redress of wrongs, return of lost possessions, reuniting of separated family members. It means very good news for all people. Restitution is what the angels sang about at Jesus' birth.

Restitution is also the name of a podcast we intend to launch in 2016.

Starting October 2016, we will email links to podcasts that will be available for subscription. We will interview interesting people from a wide variety of backgrounds, who can talk about the ways in which restoration is needed, justice is needed, restitution is needed... and already starting to happen. It will contain articles and news items that focus on what God is doing in the world today, the goodness and character of God, and Biblical perspectives on Christianity, Israel, ethics, Bible prophecy and doctrine, family life, church life, etc.

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