Jesus is still looking
for his Bride!

One of the most bizarre speculations of the DaVinci Code book and movie is that Jesus married Mary Magdalene. It's understandable why folks would be curious about Jesus' sexuality ... after all, the Bible does say he was a man, and it's hard to imagine a young man with no sex drive. The emasculated, effeminate pictures of Jesus in most artistic and film renditions of him, don't help us relate to him, either.

However, there is absolutely no hint of any romantic or sexual energy coming from Jesus in the Biblical accounts. We see a man there who has channeled all his energy into doing the Father's will. That calling which he knew to involve a short public ministry, a brutal execution, and then a resurrection and shortly afterwards, an exit to the heavenly realm.

For a man to get involved with a woman under those circumstances, he would been unable or unwilling to foresee the most basic problems and complications of such a course. He would have had to set aside his own clear knowledge that he would be soon leaving the scene, and instead mislead a woman into thinking he would be there for her throughout her life. What would drive a man to do such a thing? The pleasures of marriage? If so, the "joy set before him" which enabled him to endure the cross and disregard the shame of his task would have somehow not been enough to keep him on the "straight and narrow" morally. The whole idea sullies Jesus, destroys his otherworldly aura of invincible resolve, pureness of thought and action, absolute honor in even the smallest details of life. No doubt that's why, years after the factual historic record was written, these tales were fabricated. There is much money to be made in questioning Jesus' holiness; there is almost nothing earthly to be gained by attempting to follow his example.

People who think Jesus fathered a human child while here have an even greater challenge to consider. The Bible presents the notion that Jesus provided a ransom or corresponding price for the life of Adam, the first father of the human race. Jesus is spoken of as "the last Adam". When we understand this fact, we realize why it could not possibly have been in the Heavenly Father's plan for Jesus to add a new baby to the mix.

Think this through clearly: Adam started out with all the unborn children of the world in his "loins". But before his first offspring was sired, the father sinned. He disobeyed God, as described in Genesis 3. According to Romans 5, that single act of disobedience is the tap root of all human death. By a hereditary process, the entire race is born dying. The beauty of God's plan is its simplicity. By sending one righteous man into the world to stand in as a voluntary substitute for Adam, God was able to secure the purchase or redemption of the entire race. Jesus, by laying down a righteous, perfectly obedient human life on the line, becomes the new Father of the race -- that's why he's called the Everlasting Father in Isaiah 9:6. Even Trinitarians don't think Jesus is "The Father" ... yet Scripture clearly titles him Everlasting or Agelasting Father in that Isaiah text. Jesus becomes the Father who brings everlasting life to the entire human race by purchasing the life-rights of Adam, and thus releasing all of his children from their hereditary curse. From then on, the children of Adam will no longer be "children of wrath" or judicial anger, but rather "children of God."... through Christ.

Jesus, upon his baptism, began a new heavenly life, at first within his earthen vessel and later, upon his resurrection, into the Spirit realm. Jesus is now at the right hand of the majesty on high, in the Heavens, and that is his new home. "My flesh", he said, "I give for the life of the world."

Now, suppose Jesus had sired a human son before he died. Would that son have been perfect, as Jesus was? I would argue that yes, he would have been perfect, not contaminated by the fallen genetic material of Adam. Jesus had an imperfect mother, and yet the Heavenly Father was able to implant a perfect embryo in that flawed womb. (sorry to the Roman Catholics in the crowd). Mary Magdalene would have been in a similar situation -- an imperfect woman impregnated with perfect seed.

So.... what would have happened?

Well, the child wouldn't have had any real knowledge of his father, because Jesus would have died, been resurrected, and left the scene before its 2nd birthday. So perhaps this anatomically perfect little boy would have been raised by a single parent? If his nature was perfect but his nurture was anything but ... what happened? Well he must have sinned, and therefore brought upon himself the curse of death, as Adam had done. I know of no one claiming that we have a Dorian Gray amongst us, who has lived for 2000 years without aging! But if he had sinned and died long since, how sad! That would mean he would have died without hope, without any provision for his rescue from death -- because Jesus was the only savior the Bible has ever promised for the salvation of the human race.

Jesus has been waiting for a wife!

Does the Bible speak about Jesus having a wife? Well actually it does -- but not a human one. Jesus planned on living, forever, in heaven, and so he wasn't looking for a nice little lady. He was looking for something special -- a "bride" who is actually a composite of all the faithful Christians who have ever lived.

Notice these scriptures:

Ephesians 5:31,32 - The institution of marriage itself is a prototype of Christ and his church

2 Corinthians 11:2 - As Christians, we are espoused to Christ.

Revelation 21:2,9 - The bride, the lamb's wife, is a spiritual entity -- she comes with Christ from heaven, to establish rulership of the earth

John 3:29 - John the Baptist, who died before the Christian call was opened, was not part of the Bride.

Revelation 19:7-9 - the saints, whose righteousness begins as Christ's robe, eventually develop a righteousness of their own through the work of the Spirit in their hearts and lives. The wedding occurs in heaven but brings great joy to earth.

Psalm 45:13-14 - A beautiful poetic picture of the "King's Daughter" -- the Church of Christ who is the daughter of God and the princess who marries his son. Gold, a picture of the Divine nature, is her distinguishing jewelry.

In the Song of Solomon we are given a very poetic view of the love which Christ has for this "princess", the true and virgin Church called from among the human race. Only true saints are part of this group. Their purity will not be an outward righteousness, a hypocritical "holier than thou" attitude. No, the qualities Jesus (Solomon in the story) is looking for include grace and beauty, not outwardly but inwardly. She is black of skin, she says, swarthy of complexion, yet he is attracted to her because of the spiritual qualities symbolized by her various feminine virtues. Her eyes, her teeth, her hair, etc. are things that bring pleasure to the husband who sought her. Even the story of Adam and Eve is a picture of the fact that Jesus died, not just to save the world, but also to have taken from his side a companion -- his bride, the joy of his life.

What will be the work of Christ
and his Bride?

Clearly the picture of the Savior and his saintly Helpmate continues beyond their marriage. They will bring life to all who have ever lived. They will be partners in helping people on earth, during the judgment "day" (millennium) learn from their past mistakes, be taught the righteous ways of God, discover how to forgive and be forgiven. The billions of humanity will be the human children of this spiritual Bridegroom and his Bride.

Clearly, when we get this picture in our minds, the notion of a dalliance with Mary Magdalene shrinks into its true proportion as a silly little sideshow. If Leonardo DaVinci had painted pigtails and a dress on the person next to Jesus at the last supper, it still wouldn't change the fact that he was just a man, working a millennium and a half after the events he portrayed. What did he know? Does his work carry the weight of eyewitness accounts penned within a few years of the events, while most of the other witnesses were still alive to verify the testimony of these primary sources?

If you are a Christian, focus on the clearly revealed truths of the Bible, not getting sidetracked with speculative, unprovable and illogical stories.

If you are not a Christian, understand that Christianity is not a mystical, speculative religion. Faith is presented as a firm conviction based upon evidence. If you seek you are told you will actually find; if you knock on the doors God has presented to us, they will actually open and lead you to a place that is illuminated by logic, science, history, and personal experience with God.

"The hidden things belong to God; but the things that have been revealed belong unto us, and to our children, forever...." (Deuteronomy 29:29)