Why Jesus Went Away

Jesus said, after his resurrection and just before he left the earth, that "all power in heaven and earth" had been given to him.

He also taught his disciples to pray to the Father, "Thy Kingdom Come -- Thy Will be done in earth..."

So the question a thinking person might ask is, "Why didn't Jesus begin His kingdom right away?" ... He now had "all power", and he had said his goal was to bring all people out of the graves, and set up a kingdom in the earth.

10 days after his departure, Jesus did send power to his disciples -- the power to think and speak the Father's will, the power to be changed into the image of God.

But the most noticeable thing about the nature of true, godly, Christian fellowships throughout history has been their lack of power. They have a quiet, peaceble power, but in terms of the trappings of earthly power, influence, might and money, the power has been held by apostate nominal Christians, not saintly, honest, gentle and fair ones.

So what is happening? Wouldn't God have gotten better results if he had exposed the evil people, or removed their power? Wouldn't it have been better to have the good guys win most of the battles, instead of losing nearly all of them?

These questions are not left up to us to figure out on our own. The Bible is very explicit about it -- God's will is for His people to be persecuted, to suffer, to face terrible struggles, to fight (spiritually speaking) and lose and be left for dead ... and to gain the victory in God's eyes through patience and humility.

Why are Christians also suffering somewhat?

Because God's goal is to develop a Bride for His Son. The goal is to have a glorious assembly (church), radiant in white, pure, lovely, of great character and great mercy, who will work at Jesus' side in the great work of the future: judging men and angels, healing the multitudes of disease, bringing peace and fairness and judgment and justice to the earth.

The reason why Jesus left was so that He could work behind the scenes to develop this beautiful bride from among mankind.

The reason why Jesus left was so that He could teach and convert all kinds of people, one person at a time, as they met by twos and threes, in caves, in homes, in the backs of churches, in huts and igloos and tents and apartments, hungering for the truth of the Word, struggling to understand the promises and prophecies and mysteries of the Bible, and laboring to share the good news with anyone who would listen.

Jesus has been there, with these saints, right till the end of the age. He has been with them when they were "ready to die" in the dark ages. He has been with them when they entered the open door to the New World. He has been with them during the great missionary revival of the 19th century. And He continues to be with His people wherever they are, now that we are all struggling to keep a spiritual focus in this "hour of temptation."

In summary:

But Christ IS returning, and we are already seeing the early stages of what he plans to do....

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