Why Jesus returns to earth

Jesus said, "If I go, I will come again...." (John 14:3) We know that Jesus' coming to earth was for the purpose of bringing salvation to the human race. Why, then, did he leave after barely starting the process, go back to heaven, and then return to earth again at some unspecified time in the future?

4 reasons why Jesus went away

1. Jesus went away because he wanted to prepare a home in heaven for his followers.

2. Jesus went away because in the Father's plan it would take almost 2000 years for the true church to be developed, and for the false church to have room to operate and develop its bitter fruitage

3. Jesus went away because the population of the earth had to grow, and the full allotted time for the human race to learn the first half of its education. God had planned to allow 6000 years of trouble, before the "Sabbath" or 7th 1000 years of human history, when Jesus would be the "Lord of the Sabbath" -- the Messiah who will reign over earth and complete the process of world redemption

4. Jesus went way to allow a "parallel age" -- an equal amount of time for the Christian church to be developed, corresponding exactly in time to the favor shown to "Israel after the flesh". The time when Jesus returns is the time for return of favor for Israel, and the time for withdrawal of favor from the nominal Christian church. Not that God hates the Christians any more than he hated the Jews who did not accept Christ. They will all have their own opportunities for eternal life in his redemptive plan, but some of the special privileges are for those who God calls and who hear and respond to his grace. Christians, do you want to know why this is the "post-Christian era", and Christianity is losing the battle for "world conversion"? This is the reason -- we're already past the end of the favor to the Christian church. Jewish friends who are wondering why God has re-established Israel in their land again, the reason is because his time to favor Zion again has come, and God is preparing a huge feast of fat things on earth, beginning in Jerusalem and spreading from there to all the world of mankind. The Jews are still God's chosen people!

8 reasons why Jesus returns

1. Jesus returns to "receive the Church to himself". The Church of Christ (not all the "churches" that have existed, but the called-out group of Jesus' true followers whose "names are written in heaven" (Luke 10:20) -- and who therefore could be in any denomination -- are defined as true Christians by the qualities of character which they have gained by God's teaching and their response of faith and obedience. They are spoken of as "virgins" -- meaning that they have kept themselves pure from the world system. And they are spoken of as the "bride" (Revelation 21:2, 9) -- collectively, the completed body of all Christians is the beautiful woman of character and grace that Jesus loves, and gave himself for. Even human marriage, with its profound intimacy and capacity for joy, is spoken of as the perfect picture of the relationship between Christ and His church. (Ephesians 5:22-32). And so when Jesus returns, his first work is to resurrect the "sleeping saints" and gather the living ones to himself. The whole concept of the Rapture, which we believe is somewhat misunderstood in the commonly-held view popularized by the ", is nevertheless rooted in the Biblical promise that the "dead in Christ will rise first" when Christ returns.

2. Jesus returns to restore Israel.

3. Jesus returns to resurrect the heroes of faith

4. Jesus returns to resurrect all the people who have ever lived through a process of judgment, education, and correction

5. Jesus returns to regenerate and restore the earth

6. Jesus returns to bind Satan and remove evil influences from the earth

7. Jesus returns to halt the dark, disobedient activity of the "fallen angels"

8. Jesus returns to settle accounts with the organizations who have opposed him -- especially the apostate Christian church -- and destroy them as organizations


Why the Earth is important to Jesus

1. The earth was made by him, and it is for him.

2. The earth is important to the heavenly Father -- "he formed it to be inhabited", he "created it not in vain". The earth will be the eternal home of the human race. It is called "Yahweh's footstool" and God promises to make it "glorious."

3. The earth will be a perfect home for the human race, which is spoken of metaphorically as the "children" of Christ and his mystical body or bride -- the true church of Christ. Together, they will bring renewed life, peace, and happiness to the human race, including Adam and Eve who started the project but were simply unable to complete it because of their lack of moral character at the beginning. When Adam and Eve return, and see all the descendants they had, and what a glorious offspring or "seed of the woman" that Jesus was, they will praise god to the skies for his wonderful power, wisdom, and grace!


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