Why Jesus' return is
very good news

Acts 3:21 states that Jesus would stay in heaven until a specific time: the era for "Restitution of all things". It further states that all God's holy prophets spoke of these times. The return of Christ or Messianic age is thus the Times of Restitution.

Restitution means a full restoration of things that are lost. It implies justice, redress of wrongs, return of lost possessions, reuniting of separated family members.

The Catholic Encyclopedia says, "Restitution has a special sense in moral theology. It signifies an act of commutative justice by which exact reparation as far as possible is made for an injury that has been done to another. ...

"Restitution signifies ... exact reparation as far as possible. Commutative justice requires that each one should have what belongs to him, not something else; and so that which was taken away must be restored as far as possible. If the property of another has been destroyed or damaged, the value of the damage done must be restored....
Commutative justice looks at objective equality, and prescribes that it be preserved. For this reason Aristotle called this species of justice corrective, inasmuch as it corrects and remedies the inequality which an act of injustice produces between the injurer and the party injured. "

(We are not Catholic but this was a good definition).

One amazing Biblical insight into restitution is furnished in Leviticus 25, where God lays out the requirements of a unique cycle in Jewish life called the "Jubilee". Every 50th year in ancient Israel thus became a type or picture of what restitution will be like when it is brought to pass on a world-wide scale. Among its provisions: freedom from servitude, redivision of all land equally among the families; cancellation of all debts; return of property that was offered "in pledge" or as payment of past debts.

Translated into modern events, Restitution would involve blessings to the poor, sharing of the wealth by the rich, return of ancestral homelands to the folks who once held it (and Israel is the first to benefit from this provision), release of women from servitude, release of Africans from servitude, cancellation of the debts of poor countries to the rich, granting of rights that have been lost over time such as rights of chilrdren, rights of the handicapped, etc.

Things lost inthe garden of Eden included the woman's independence, her ability to have children without pain, and the man's ability to make a living without tough, demeaning labor. These things are even now being returned to the huma race. Ultimately, restitution will tackle the really big things that were lost at the beginning: life, access to a Paradise home, and fellowship with God. All these things will be restored to the human race during the Times of Restitution of All Things.

Jesus was speaking of the Restitution of All Things when he describes "the judgment" in Matthew 11 and 12. It is clear from his description that even the sinners of Sodom and his own day will be there, and find it "tolerable".

Jesus was speaking of the Restitution of All Things when he describes a time when all who are in the graves will hear his voice, and come forth.

And Jesus described his own life work in these words: "The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." Luke 19:10

The Apostle Paul was referring to the Times of Restitution when he used the term "dispensation of the fulness of times" in Ephesians 1:10; and when he spoke of the goal of reconciliation of all things in Colossians 1:20.

The Apostle Peter was describing the restitution of all things when he stated that the end or consumation of every Christian's faith is not merely the salvation of OUR souls (the word OUR isn't in the Greek) but something much bigger -- the salvation of souls. Some are saved now, but most will be saved in the times of restitution of all things.

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