The Happy God

The gnostic concept of the Creator was that he was chauvinistic, mean, cruel, and bitter. Gnostic mysteries taught that humans were locked by him into the flesh, while they wanted to break free into the spiritual realms that the Demiurge supposedly locked them from enjoying.

The epistles to Timothy were Paul's great manual on how to combat this "knowledge, falsely so-called". There twice Paul refers to the true Heavenly Father as "the Happy God." He knew that Satan's deceptive caricature of God pictured him as angry and impossible to please. Paul knew that not only is the true God happy, he is well pleased with his Son, with his human children and the progress they make under His guidance; and that He is happy and confident in the glorious final outcome of His great plan of salvation. God is irrepressibly happy all the time, and enjoys tremendous inner peace, because he knows that the tremendous suffering of the present time is already working out a "far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory".


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